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Be confident when taking the ARE Construction Documents + Services Exam


We'll go step-by-step through the entire process, all the way from opening the program on your computer to finishing the vignette.
In this class, we'll go through:

  • Interpreting the building program
  • Analyzing the building plans
  • Understanding NCARB's vignette software
  • Drawing the vignette
  • Critical information you'll need to know to complete the vignette
  • Exam day tips
Don't let the vignettes prevent you from getting your architecture license!
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This self-led course is for you if:

  • You're intimidated by NCARB's vignette software
  • You learn well by watching and doing on your own time
  • You want to be confident about the vignette on exam day
  • You're ready to master the building section vignette

Hey there!

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My name is Chelsea Weibust and I'll be your instructor for this course.
I have been creating online tutorials for over 3 years and love that I'm able to share my knowledge to help others succeed.
While taking the 4.0 architectural exams, I found that the vignettes were my favorite part! After hearing complaints from others who had used NCARB's vignette software in the past, I never thought I'd enjoy using their software.
I realized that the reason I was able to work through the vignettes with such ease was because I developed a plan for myself to work through the building program, I developed a process for working through the software, and finally I took the time to practice the vignettes over and over, from start to finish.
If you want to learn to master the vignettes, sign up for this course. Don't let the vignettes be the thing holding you back from advancing in your career.

Learn to Master the
Construction Documents and Services
vignette in just 8 lessons!

Lesson One: Introduction
This lesson lays out the foundation for the course so you know exactly what we'll cover in each lesson.

Lesson Two: Critical Information
Here we'll go through some critical information that you'll need to know for the vignette.

Lesson Three: Vignette Features
In this lesson we'll go over the vignette features that dictate your score on the vignette.

Lesson Four: Getting to the Software
Here we'll navigate through NCARB's website to get to the software.

Lesson Five: Review + Diagram the Program
In this lesson, we'll go step-by-step reviewing, analyzing, and diagramming the program to understand the elements that need to be incorporated into the building section.

Lesson Six: Analyze the Floor Plans
In lesson six, we'll go through all of the floor plans and the different layers to gather important information before diving into drawing the section.

Lesson Seven: Drawing the Building Section
In this lesson, we'll get into drawing the building section, using our notes as a guide.

Lesson Eight: Exam Day Tips
Finally, we'll conclude the class with some exam day tips to help you be better prepared for your exam!

Take control of your success with the ARE vignettes


  • Step-by-step lessons in video format
  • 8 multi-part lessons
  • Access to my notes and process
  • Crucial exam day tips

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